Who We Work With

Mouganis Financial Services offers a full range of services for families, executives, and business owners.

Our clients are comfortable outsourcing (or partnering) with us so that we are able to conduct the research and behind the scenes fact gathering for them. We put a plan in place so that we are able to hone in on the critical issues affecting our client’s financial well-being and present the most viable solutions to them in a manner that allows the client to make the right decision.

Our comprehensive planning services include:

  • Retirement planning
  • Investment management
  • Education planning
  • Estate planning
  • Tax planning
  • Risk management

We are not owned by a broker-dealer or a big wire house telling us what to do for our clients. We are an independent and fee based financial services firm offering objective financial advice that puts the client’s best interests first.

Our goal ultimately is to simplify the complications of your financial life by focusing on our structured process that leads to your complete financial well-being.

Most families are very busy and often times push off dealing with issues and objectives regarding their financial life and as a result opportunities are often missed and the right solution is not put in place. As a father of five, I understand the planning implications of having a family likely include:

  • The establishment of a retirement income plan
  • making sure that proper life insurance is in place
  • understanding long term care options for the future
  • checking for proper beneficiary designations and ownership title of assets, and
  • Establishment of a smart estate plan

In addition to our standard planning, we often find that corporate executives have unique financial situations that require special consideration like:

  • receiving deferred compensation
  • deciding what pension option to receive, and
  • stock option and restricted stock planning

Business Owners
As a business owner myself, I understand that there is a unique set of challenges that business owners are faced with. You are likely concerned with:

  • structuring buy sell agreements with partners or adult children
  • golden handcuff planning for key employees
  • organizing the right qualified plan for the business
  • fiduciary governance of a qualified retirement plan, and
  • monetizing the asset for your own retirement